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[140423] EXO-M backstage at the China Music Awards.

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So this is how the cameraman is able to get to Kris….
I’ve always thought that the cameraman literally went over Tao, and through Xiumin’s legs…

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Because while the other members are trying to determine their spots, you see Chen giving no fuck and walking to where the hosts are like a damn boss.

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the real reason why tao has to shower with people

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Puppy dog Sehun just wanted a hug from his TaoTao

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[140424] the official lightstick for EXO’s first solo concert, The Lost Planet

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What is Taohun defining moment? What is Taoris defining moment? Anyone ever wonder?


I never really followed taoris, and though I’m sure they had many good ones to have so many fans. Most of their moments that I noticed, as someone who wasn’t shipping them, seemed specifically geared towards fanservice, like Kris saying he would “reward Tao later”. He knew…

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EXO won this Trophy !!

"Asian Most Influential Group"

Congratulations EXO !!(*^▽^)/★*☆♪


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EXO + name meanings (inspired by x)

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