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So this is it…this is how some people in the EXO fandom define “love”. Screaming “we are One” and “We love EXO” at any given opportunity but look at our actions, look at our behaviours!

Pushing the cameras into our idol’s faces. Calling them rude und unfriendly because they put on earphones and glasses at the airport. Groping and kissing because you think you have the goddamn right to. Hitting their faces with the cameras. Pushing til they fall down and make them cry because some of the members just can’t take this any longer.

These are just some of the few and now let me ask you this: Are these actions any different than sasaeng behaviours?

We all adore them but love is NOT about obsession, not about madness. It is about understanding, about supporting but also about SPACE! We idolize them as gods but in the end of the day they are just human beings. Boys in their 20’s with human needs and feelings.

So please…just stop this madness, give them some space to breath, too!!!
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Baekhyun and Tao’s Birthday support at a subway station  

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[140418] EXO-M at rehearsals for CCTV’s Global Chinese Music.

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14.04.19 Tao at Gimpo Airport

Tao is sick today, he has a high fever and is often dizzy.

Get well soon 타오 야 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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Tao still has his fever apparently? Feel better soon bb :(

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[!] SM Ent urged the fans not to visit airport for EXO-M’s departure this coming weekend due to various situations.


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Sehun and Tao’s birthday ADs at subway station.

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[RANTS] In EXO’s MAMA and OVERDOSE music videos, there’s a part that tao has to do the backflip.

In martial arts, backflip is 360-degree, the basic force is on the waist, you have to loose your waist so that you can open the limbs when you’re flipping. At that time, all the inertial forces will be poured into your entire feet or even your heels. Doing backflip needs extreme concentration, no matter if you have ten years’ experience in martial arts, if you don’t concentrate enough, you will get hurt, or even get dislocation.

And here we have backflip as a part of the choreo, it means tao has to back flip whenever EXO performs until the era is over (or probably until EXO disbands). And don’t forget, he not only has to do the backflip, but also the dancing.

So yeah SM you’re cool :-)

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[Totally Confirmed] How Tao Gets Away with Stuff
Tao: Yooo, how's it hangin Manager hyung?
Manager: Oh, hey Tao. Did you need something?
Tao: Do I need a reason to talk to my bestest of bros?
Manager: You want something.
Tao: Naw, man... it's just like... look, broseph, I know that you know that I know that we're mega tight, so let's just get real here for a minute and both agree that the whole "no dating" rule is way ridic. And, like, I think we both know Sehun is like super into me, because - let's be real, why wouldn't he be - so I was thinking -
Manager: No.
Tao: Aw, you think it's too soon? Naw, don't even sweat it. I've done all the courting and stuff. It's legit, bro. Come on, can I date Sehun?
Manager: Tao, you can't -
Tao: You're shaking your head, but in your heart I know it's a "yes".
Manager: No, you -
Tao: Man, you're the best! Thanks for supporting me. This, right here, that's why we're tight.
Manager: You're going to -
Tao: Take him to Qingdao to meet my parents? That's a great idea!
Manager: No, Tao, you can't do that, people might talk and -
Tao: So what I'm hearing you say is... it's a great idea.
Manager: omg
Tao: You're a genius, bro. I'm going to go ask Sehun out now. See ya later! Thanks for all the dating advice! -saunters off-
Manager: You just can't say no to that guy.

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